City Council selected the Willingdon Beach Trail option for the conveyancing route (the underground pipe transporting wastewater) from Westview to the new treatment facility. 

The two options for the conveyancing route were:

  1. Highway option – primarily following the path of Marine Avenue from Westview to the site of the new facility

  2. Willingdon Beach Trail option – following part of Marine Avenue and then part of Willingdon Beach Trail


The Willingdon Beach Trail option was chosen as the preferred option because it will be significantly less expensive to operate than the Highway option – which would require several heavy-powered pumps to force the wastewater against gravity.


Some residents have expressed concern over using Willingdon Beach Trail for the route, fearing it could damage the trail and trees. However, the trail will be restored to its original condition after installing the pipe. Associated Engineering have studied the proposed route with a design objective of not causing any significant disturbance to trees and root systems. Where the pipeline can be installed by trenching, the width of the trench will be only 0.75 metres. Directional drilling (very concise tunnelling) will also be an option where necessary to avoid impacting tree roots.


In addition, two Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) have been undertaken for the project. The Receiving Environment EIS was focused on the discharge to the marine environment, and a separate EIS considered the construction impacts, including stream assessments along the Willingdon Beach Trail and at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) site.


An archaeological study of known and undocumented archaeological and heritage sites within the project area was also completed. The study found new archaeological sites and improved documentation of existing sites.

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