City Council have now decided on the core design elements of the new facility and City staff have submitted a grant application for funding to build the new facility.



The purpose of the design phase was to develop and finalize a plan for how the new facility will operate and look, as well as for how wastewater will get to the new facility from Westview. The detailed design plans will ultimately be given to a construction contractor to build the plant as specified.


Associated Engineering (AE) was hired to complete the design phase and work with City staff to make recommendations to Council for final approvals and decisions. The key decisions made by Council in the Design Phase included:


  1. Treatment process and technical design – the core treatment process that will be used and the structure and function of the buildings and equipment that make up the facility

  2. Conveyancing route – the location and path of the underground pipe that will carry wastewater from Westview to the new facility

  3. Exterior design – the exterior look and feel of the facility buildings


The key steps involved in the design process included:

  • Gathering information from multiple sources including professional knowledge and expertise, best practice research, and community input in order to identify all of the possible factors that need to be taken into account when designing the new wastewater treatment facility for our city (e.g. public health, environmental impact, cost, etc.)

  • Developing and evaluating options based on these factors

  • Identifying a preferred option

  • Making a recommendation to Council

  • Council making their final decisions

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