In 2015, City Council voted for a consolidated wastewater treatment plant (CWWTP) as part of Stage 3 of our Liquid Waste Management Plan.

The new wastewater treatment facility will:

  • Meet all of the required federal and provincial discharge regulations

  • Significantly reduce environmental impact, as compared to our three existing discharges

  • Improve protection of public health, using a chemical-free, ultraviolet light disinfection process

  • Be easier to operate, maintain, and administer

  • Be located adjacent to the existing Townsite plant


More about the integrated plan:

  • The existing Westview facility will be decommissioned and replaced with underground wastewater pump stations at the North Harbour and Alexander Street

  • The aging sewer line in the beach between Alexander Street and Westview will be decommissioned

  • The Wildwood Lagoon will be decommissioned and replaced with a new underground pump station, sized to include the Tla’amin Nation’s wastewater flows

  • Wastewater from Westview and from Wildwood will be conveyed to the new wastewater treatment facility in underground pipelines



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